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Luxurious And Stylish High Quality Dior Replica Handbags

If there’s a perfect mix of Dior Replica Handbags essential Bee logo, detachable shoulder strap function along with vintage touch in it’s hardware, all in a Dior handbag, can anybody ignore the design? Being a huge fashion victim, we all know that the answer is a plain no. In other words, you just can’t ignore the design that is, Dior Replica Handbags.

With your usual CD initials this bag comes handy with the famous Dior Hommo icon(Bee), so the name, D-Bee, is obviously derived from the two words. People say that Monsieur Dior had always loved gardening, thus to give him homage, Hedi Slimane thought of a brilliant idea – the bee logo. It’s not just bees but you’ll find ladybugs, butterflies and other insects, by a similar logic, appearing on Dior’s products.

Bee also adds an element of cool and is considered a dangerous insect. Thus, it’s often associated with Men. In Dior’s latest collection of Spring Summer 2017, the bee logo is incorporated by Maria Grazia Chiuri along with the CD initials at the bottom.

Like any other bag of the famous fashion house of Replica Prada Handbags, this bag also comes in two popular styles; the shopper and the saddle. While the shopper is your usual tote, the saddle is an inspiration from the vintage horse-riding pouch.

The design is elegant yet gorgeous at the same time. Take a closer look and you would be welcomed with an embossed Bee with your beloved CD initials; both representing the iconic and timeless style from Dior. These Dior D-Bee handbags usually come in solid colours complimented with vintage golden hardware. Handles are long and easy to carry on shoulder. There’s also an extra shoulder strap, which is as flexible as you need it to be.

The interior is highly accessible with a single compartment, apt to store all your essentials. You can also secure your cash and car keys in the back slot, without having to mix them up with your other belongings. The bottom is flat, so your cell phone, cards, cash, makeup, etc, will stay put in one place.