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The new Balenciaga Replica Handbags, it’s born with a specific reason to be pretty and to be extremely light-weighed.

There is no need to convince you, the D-Light Bag is elegant, stylish and above all… timeless. It’s an addition to the brand’s classic bag collection and we do know how far it will climb in terms of becoming an iconic, but observing its outside and inside appearance, we think it will be loved by fashionista’s for a long time.

Though we have talked about this bag in details last week, we still believed we needed to show you the bag with real-life images. I mean, it’s just a better way to judge the bag.

The Dior D-Light Bag for the Summer 2015 Collection is quite affordable, because its priced around € 1650 euro for the medium size. However, it’s not made from leather but cotton canvas. Then again, cotton canvas is the perfect for the summer and it’s the best material to use to make bags light-weighed.

There are three style choices for this season; in pink, grey and embellished with flowers and signature drawings by René Gruau.

Or for the most sophisticated urban-chic style, the Replica Fendi Bags ​is also made from patchwork denim in grey and black.